Property tax is a main source of revenue for the Digboi Municipal Board. At present, there are 5339 property holders under the municipal Board area. There is the option of paying tax offline, at the DMB offices.

Eligibility Criteria:

Any person who owns property in Digboi Municipal Area has to pay property tax.

Property Tax Calculator:

To calculate your property taxes please visit DMB.

Documents Required:

Please visit DMB.

Type of Service:

It is an offline service.


  1. Owners of properties in the state are responsible for paying property tax to the Municipal Corporation.
  2. The Municipal area is divided into 10 zones.
  3. Pay all your outstanding property tax on or before 31st March.
  4. Non-payment of property tax can impose a hefty penalty – (if applicable)
  5. Property tax shall be paid offline (Municipal offices or at banks)
  6. Payment can be made either offline i.e. via Cash, DD or Cheque

Whom to Contact if Needed:

COMMITEE OFFICE, Muliabari Rd, Digboi, Assam 786171


1. tc.digboi@gmail.com

2. mb.digboi@digboimb.com